In-Season Benchmarking Data - How does your firm stack up?

According to the mid-season reports from the IRS, individual returns filed by tax professionals are off by almost 2% compared to the same year-ago period. Is this part of a larger trend? How does your firm's performance compare at this point in the season?

XCM users can see real-time data that not only shows them the status of all work in progress, where there may be potential bottlenecks, and how busy individual team members are, but they can also compare how they're performing this year to last year and act on that information.

In a world where many firms have gone to event based billing, having this insight allows you to better forecast your cash flow during busy season, reallocate resources, and shift priorities real-time to accelerate cash flow and reallign work with business goals.

Additionally, tracking how tax season is progressing across the entire XCM user base - of tens of thousands of practitioners - provides a view of how firms are performing relative to their peers so you can gain a sense for whether the trends you are seeing in your firm are similar.

Complete this form and we'll send you a complimentary copy of the benchmarking data. And, if you'd like to learn more about how XCM can help you gain better visibility in what's going on in your firm, let us know that too by making a note in the Comments section.

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